ANNOUNCE: gcompris 2.0.0


gcompris 2.0.0


GCompris is a full featured education game for kids between 3 and 8. 
The game includes many different activities like teaching how to use a
mouse and keybord, memory games, vector drawing, basic educational games,
reading, algebra exerciser and more.


GCompris has been ported to GNOME 2.0.
Starting at gcompris 2.0, you now need GNOME 2 on your system to run it.

The advantage of using GNOME 2 are a complete UTF-8 support, better fonts
display and support for alpha blending in PNG images in the canvas.

- New board in the puzzle boards menu :
  traffic board based on the GPL code from Geoff Reedy 
  <vader21 imsa edu>

- New board in the algebra menu:
  A money counting activity based on real Euro coins and papers.

Many graphical enhancements all arounds.


Usual bugfixes.


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