ANNOUNCE: Shermans aquarium 2.2.0


Shermans aquarium version 2.2.0


An applet and a xscreensaver hack that shows a bunch of swimming fishes
from the comic Sherman's Lagoon, shows the cpu load, status leds and the

    - XScreenSaver is now supported! Finally!
    - You can have a seafloor(-f)in fullscreen mode now. 
    - New graphics taken from the Swedish version of Sherman's Lagoon.
    - Added graphics includes plants and stones for the sea floor.
    - Hawthorne and Bob the bottom dweller are added. They appear only in
      fullscreen/xscreensaver mode.
    - Added new command line option "-m" for activate the matrix scroller
      for those that hasn't gnome installed.
    - Changed solid blue to solid colour. Now you can choose any colour
      you want instead.
    - Swedish and German translation for the Gnome menu.
      (But not yet for the preference window.)
    - Gnome 2 panel detection. Notice that gnome 2 applets must be started
      the panel.


    - Makefile & configure fixes.
    - Fixed preference window and keyleds bug.
    - Internal changes makes it possible to run more than one instance at
      the same time. (Screensaver and applet, for example.)
    - Resize blowfish blow up action to correct size. Strangly it was two
      time too big. 
    - The blowfish now explodes and updates correctly in fullscreen.
    - The pray gets eaten correctly now.
    - Some changes for SunOs. But still no thermometer code.


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