ANNOUNCE: gnome-mlview 0.0.2


gnome-mlview 0.0.2


A tree oriented xml editor for gnome.
It is an attempt to ease the edition of xml documents
with or without validation by focusing on their tree view.


changes over 0.0.2-rc4:

Updated Japanese translation.
Updated French translation.

hanges over

* MlView is now based on a Document/View architecture.
* you can open several views on the same document.
* you can rename the views.
* when validation is on, if you add an xml element, mlview automatically
the children elements and the attributes required but the dtd. I call
this feature "automatic-subtree-adding" feature.
* the mlv binary relies now on a shared lib called .
* some bug fixes
*As usual, I've added some new bugs but i don't remember where :) 

Bug fixes and stability enhancement.


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