Announce: GCM 1.0 (Gnome Clipboard Manager)

GCM (GNOME Clipboard Manager) 1.0 and the GCM2 1.0 (Gnome 2.0 port of
GCM) are now available for download

What is GCM

GCM (GNOME Clipboard Manager) is an application to help you manage your
clipboard selections. It will autocollect selections on a shelf and
allow you to choose which selection(s) you want to use for pasting.

You can open a collected selection to edit it, manually create new
selections, and delete-copy-paste them, do sed-based search and replace
operations on them (regular expressions). You can select with which
selection-type you want to work : CLIPBOARD, PRIMARY, SECONDARY or a
custom Atom. You can select which TARGETs you want to receive : TEXT,
text/html (copypasting HTML data from/to your browser), richtext
(copypasting data from/to or a custom Atom. You can
start Gnome Clipboard Manager as a PanelApplet.  More features are
listed below 

In future we are planning to make some tcp/ip networking support for GCM
which will allow you to send selections over a network to another host
running GCM. (Like the netclip application).

Please note that this project is far from finished. There is no good
documentation yet and a lot features are unfinished at this moment. I am
looking for people who want to help me with development of this
tool. Suggestions, skilled developpers, documentation writers and
translators are always welcome.

GCM is free software (GPL).

Where to get more information about GCM

Information about GCM including links to documentation can be found at:

Homepage :

Screenshots :


cvs -d:pserver:anonymous cvs gcm sourceforge net:/cvsroot/gcm login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous cvs gcm sourceforge net:/cvsroot/gcm co gcm

ps. The Gnome 2.0 port lives in the gcm2 module in cvs.

All features
* Collecting selections
* Pasting multiple selections at once
* Option to run GCM as applet
* Manual collecting of selections
* Managing multiple selections
* Modifying and updating a selected selection.
    + Search replace (uses sed as backend -> regular expressions)
    + Remove first x chars from each line
    + Remove last x chars from each line
    + Remove first x lines
    + Remove last xlines
* Choosing between the CLIPBOARD, PRIMARY and SECONDARY selection. And
  option to define a custom Atom
* Getting multiple targettypes (HTML, TEXT, TARGETS, RichText)
* Copying collected selections to new selections
* Manually adding new selections to the collection
* Saving multiple items to XML files
* Loading multiple items from XML files
* Uses GConf for it's preferences (no text config files)
* Uses libxml a.k.a. gnome-xml for saving and loading XML files
* Limitting the max amount of collected items (clipboardring)
* Customizing the GUI by hiding objects
* Beeping when collecting new items
* Enable/Disable unselect-all after collecting new item
* Enable/Disable followingmode while collecting
* Enable/Disable multiselect mode
* Enable/Disable auto-select last new collected item

All bugs
* heh :-) eummm... gimme a sec..
* PanelApplet support for the Gnome 2.0 port is unfinished
* Search/Replace does not work correctly in the Gnome 2.0 port
* ...

Contributed to gcm
Main developper : Philip Van Hoof <freax pandora be>
Developper : Dmitry Koval <koval korris com ua>
Documentation and translations: Jamaal V. Sanford
      <jamaal sanfordonline org>, Philip (Dutch),
      Dmitry (Russian).


Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @
Software Engineer at Van Roey Automation

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