ANNOUNCE: lahelper 0.6.3


lahelper 0.6.3


LaHelper is a LaTeX assistant using the GNOME libraries.  It
provides a GUI with menus and and a toolbar that displays
example LaTeX markup commands along with help.  It also
includes document templates so the user can get started quickly.


2002-Apr-26  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*doc/C/*.html: Added information to the user's manual about
	the settings menu and updated the screenshots.  Instructions
	explaining how to use the program were also updated.

	*src/help_func.c: Updated the about box for the next version.

2002-Apr-08  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*src/gui_func.c, preferences.c, preferences.h: Finished the
	Settings menu by adding dialog boxes for all editors and
	viewers.  Also made the terminal font selection apply 
	immediately to the current instance of lahelper.

2002-Apr-07  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*src/gui_func.c: Updated the icons on the CVS menu.  Added
	preliminary menu items on the Settings menu.  The next addition
	will be dialogs to handle the various settings.

	*src/help_func.c: Modified the short description of the application
	to read A LaTeX Command Helper.

2002-Feb-27  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*src/framework.c: Added code to reset the window title after a
	document has been opened.  This way the user knows what project
	is being worked on.

	*doc/C/*.html: Minor cleanup to the User's Manual.

2002-Jan-23  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*src/defs.h, framework.c, gui_func.c: Moved the clear and copy
	buttons from the toolbar to the help panel.  They don't relate
	to any other panels, so they just waste space on the main toolbar.

2002-Jan-07  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*src/gui_func.c: Added status bar hints for the items on the
	File menu.

	*doc/C/lahelper_user_manual.html: Removed second reference to 
	my name.

	*src/gui_func.c, cvs_menu_callbacks.c, cvs_menu_callbacks.h: Added
	a menu item to allow the user to remove a file from CVS control.

2002-Jan-06  Cornelius Brinegar <cbrinegar users sourceforge net>
	*doc/C/lahelper_user_manual.html and others: Rewrote the user's
	manual.  Wrote it in DocBook, but didn't see the need to keep it
	that way.  Now it is just clean HTML.  Added a .omf file to make
	the user's manual show up in the Nautilus help browser.

	*lahelper.spec: Updated the RPM spec file to reflect the 
	changes to the documentation.

	*src/gui_func.c, framework.h, framework.c, defs.h: Added the
	Tiny button back to the toolbar that can hide or show the 
	notebook pages.  The hidden version conserves screen space
	and can be easily placed above the text editor.




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