RELEASE: gnome-core- "No sleep 'til Hammersmith"

Hi all.

A new release of gnome-core is out. It sports the following improvements
from the last release:

- general

        * New docs for (eu). Pablo. 
        * Fixes for docs in gnome-terminal to better follow
          the guidelines.(Kjartan)
        * Fixes for configure checks for PNG. (jacbre internet fr)
- panel

        * Fix a crash when suspending/activating esd via
          the sound-monitor applet. (George)
        * Fix some warnings in the panel. Could also solve some
          problems with applets. (George)

- gsm
        * Fix a crash in session-properties-capplet. (Glynn)
        * Use VERSION in gnome-check-login instead of 0.1. (Wayne)
        * Don't try to lock the screen if root is logged in. (Red Hat)
        * Improved shading of screen when logging out. (Red Hat)
- help-browser

        * Fix more crashes and make it more robust. (Wayne)

As always, report bugs at


There will be at least one more release of this package before 1.4.1 to
catch up on translations and other issues.

I've also made RPMs for Red Hat 7.x of this and the latest gnome-libs
release. Available at

If you experience problems with distro specific packages please try
these before reporting problems to GNOME bugzilla.

Kjartan Maraas

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