ANNOUNCE: gtranslator 0.39

gtranslator 0.39 is out -- yes, really, after some delays, many bugs we've got a new gtranslator release with MAANY
new featurez -- and bugs of course, what would be a developer's life
without bugs.

You can get gtranslator via as a tarball and
you can also get previous releases and the current RPMs via -- try it out!

If you're interested in tracking development a bit, bugging us, making
us happier, start flamewars, etc. you can join the "gtranslator-devel"
mailing list via (the mail
address for the list is "gtranslator-devel lists sourceforge net").

The relevant parts of the NEWS file are here:
NEWS from gtranslator R 0.39:

- New documentation by Emese Kovacs.
- Much more enhanced first time init routines.
- No "hardcore" GUI lockup on using the update function anymore.
- Private colorschemes can be now placed into
- Previous last translator keeps automatically written into the
   header comment -- should make po files more standardized .-)
- Some nice icons for query, auto accomplishment etc. -- taken from
- Simple undo for insertion, deletion in the translation. 
- Messages tree with status grouping, resting messages display and
   colored display of untranslated/fuzzy entries.
- ETable/ETree based extra messages view -- very cute.
- Removed the nautilus view, updated requirements and made GConf
- Complete learning is possible through the command line via the
   new "--learn"/"-l" options.
- Custom learning (a personal translation memory in the UMTF
   format) is now fully implemented.
- Extended colorschemes -- a "text_bg" field allows you to set
   the text background color.
- Compile result file can be kept if wished.
- -- finer statistics, bash changes, more robustness,
   many new options, dry run modus, no personal mail modus etc.
- Usage of ~/.gtranslator to allow a more distinct and env-clean
   use of temporary files and other support files.
- Differently saving capability -- saving "directly" to a .po.gz or
   something similar is now easily possible.
- New fuzzy, untranslated icons from Ville.
- Customizable history list length -- per default set to 10 entries.
- Auto saving after a user-specified time-period -- with a special
   suffix if desired.
- UTF-8 editing, saving support.
- Backend core source ready, integration into the opening functions is
on the
- About URI support .-)
- Opening of zip'ed files is now also supported.
- Added preliminary backends mechanism and docbook + text backend
- Big source reorganization and moving to make further development
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