New release of GTK+ libraries (1.3.10)

A new release of the development versions of GTK+ and associated
libraries (GLib, Pango, Atk) is available at:

The JPEG/PNG/TIFF libraries and pkg-config 0.8 are needed to compile this
release. These are available at:

 (pkg-config latest canonical upstream location is
  at - note that 
  it has moved from sourceforge. But mirrors the 
  0.8 version you need to build GTK 1.3.10)

You will also need "libiconv" on systems with C libraries that lack
the iconv() function:

And the libintl library from the GNU "gettext" package if your C
library doesn't have gettext() functionality:

Overview of Changes in GLib 1.3.10:

* Many Win32 fixes and improvements [Tor Lillqvist]
* Documentation improvements [Matthias Clasen]
* g_string_printfa() renamed to g_string_append_printf()
* Use libcharset from libiconv to implement charset detection
  more portably. [Owen Taylor, Hidetoshi Tajima]
* Add 64 bit type support to GObject [Joshua Pritikin, Mathieu Lacage, Owen]
* Make support for 64 bit integers a requirement [Joshua]
* GPattern improvements [Tim Janik, Matthias]
* Locale independent g_ascii_strtod / g_ascii_dtostr [Alex Larsson]
* Many bug fixes and minor tweaks.

Other Contributors: Darin Adler, Jakub Jelinek, James Antill, Andrew Taylor,
  Ben Gertzfield, Elliot Lee, Manish Singh, Abel Cheung, Laszlo Peter,
  Sven Neumann, George Lebl, Raja Harinath, Sebastian Wilhelmi,
  Jacob Berkman

Overview of Changes in Pango 0.21

* Documentation improvements. [Matthias Clasen, Sven Neumann]
* pango_break() now reports n + 1 attributes for n characters, not n. 
  [Havoc Pennington]
* Win32 fixes, including support for on Win32. [Tor Lillqvist]
* Bug fixes [Tony Graham, Eric Lemings, Manish Singh, Sven Neumann, 
  Matt Wilson, Frank Belew]

Overview of Changes in Atk 0.6

* Small improvements to AtkText, AtkRelation, AtkObject APIs. 
  [Padraig O'Briain, Bill Haneman]
* Win32 build fixes [Tor Lillqvst]
* Bug fixes and optimizations [Padraig]
* Makefile fix [Jacob Berkman]
* Doc improvements [Padraig]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.10

* GtkTextView fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* GtkTreeView fixes and improvements [Jonathan Blandford, Kristian,
  Manish Singh, Joshua Pritikin, Oleg Maiboroda, James Henstridge]
* gtkdemo improvements [Kristian Rietveld]
* Drag and drop fixes to generic code and widgets 
  [Owen Taylor, Damian Ivereigh]
* Documentation improvement [Havoc Pennington, Matthias Clasen]
* Spelling fixes [Jacob Berkman]
* Move signals to the GtkEditable interface [Kristian]
* Further stock image improvements [Jakub Steiner]
* Support text chunks for the PGN loader, add gdk_pixbuf_get_option()
  [Sven Neumann]
* Rename gdk_pixbuf_new_from_stream back to new_from_inline [Owen]
* Automatically call setlocale(), unless explictely disabled [Owen]
* Property addition to various widgets [Michael Meeks, Owen]
* Support building with automake-1.4 [James]
* Make GtkRadioButton groups act as a single focus point [Owen]
* Move gdk_window_lookup etc. to be cross-platform [Matthias]
* Draw spinbuttons variably sized [Kristian]
* Separate GdkAtom out from X atoms for compatibility with future
  multihead changes [Owen]
* Require gdk_threads_init() to be explicitly called instead
  of piggybacking off of g_thread_init(). [Owen]
* Improvements to text-view/label/entry popup menus [Damian, Jacob, Owen]
* Bug fixes and cleanup [Matthias, others]

Other Contributors:
  Mark McLoughin, Mikael Hermansson, Soeren Sandmann, Anders Carlsson,
  Tim Janik, Murray Cumming, Hidetoshi Tajima, Padraig O'Briain, 
  Hans Breuer, Vitaly Tishkov, Dov Grobgeld

Library Descriptions

GLib 1.3.10	(
  GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis of GTK+ and
  GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C, portability
  wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as an event
  loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.

Pango 0.21	(
  Pango is a library for layout and rendering of text, with an 
  emphasis on internationalization. It forms the core of
  text and font handling for GTK+-2.0.

Atk 0.6		(
  The ATK library provides a set of interfaces for accessibility.
  By supporting the ATK interfaces, an application or toolkit can
  be used such as tools such as screen readers, magnifiers,
  and alternative input devices. 

GTK+ 1.3.10	(
  GTK+ is a widget toolkit for X and other windowing systems. It 
  is used in such projects as the GIMP and GNOME. 


This release is meant for:

 * Those interested in the development of GTK+. 
 * People planning to port to the upcoming GTK+-2.0 version of GTK+.

   Note: the API is mostly frozen at this point. Major API changes
   beyond the remaining open '2.0 API freeze' bugs in bugzilla are
   unlikely to occur before GTK+-2.0 is released.

This is a an unstable preview release and should not be used in
production. Only minimal testing has been done, and we expect that
significant bugs and portability problems remain at this point.

This release is incompatible with GTK+ and GLib 1.2.x. Software that
has not been explicitly ported will not compile with this version.  Do
not send bug reports about such compilation problems to either us or
maintainers of software that uses GLib and GTK+ 1.2.x; The currently
supported version of GLib and GTK+ is version 1.2.10.

If you install these libraries, do NOT replace your current GLib
and GTK+ packages with them; these libraries are designed so they
can be installed in parallel with a GTK+ install without affecting

Comments should be sent to:

 GLib, GTK+: gtk-devel-list gnome org

 Pango:      gtk-i18n-list gnome org

 ATK:        gnome-accessibility-list gnome org

Bug reports should be filed in the GNOME bug tracker at:

gnome-announce-list mailing list
gnome-announce-list gnome org

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