gdk-pixbuf 0.12.0 is released


Version 0.12.0 "Wensleydale" of gdk-pixbuf has been released.  This
fixes some missing functionality in the BMP and ICO loaders that was
manifesting itself as crashes.

Perhaps more noticeably to hackers, this version will install its header
files under a versioned directory, in this case
$(includedir)/gdk-pixbuf-1.0.  This is for compatibility with the
upcoming GNOME 2 platform, whose headers would collide with those in the
GNOME 1.4 platform if the directory were not renamed.  The gnome-config
bits that gdk-pixbuf installs have been updated as appropriate.


Changes in this release:

* Added support for 16-bpp BMPs and ICOs (Federico).

* Added support for 32-bpp ICOs (Federico).

* Use the correct visual and colormap for the pixbuf-demo widgets (Jan

* Install the headers in a versioned directory so that they don't 
collide with the GNOME 2 platform (Havoc).



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