bonobo-1.0.11, ORBit-0.5.11, bonobo-conf-0.13

A new set of packages, and a single release announcement.

What Changed ?

	* bonobo-1.0.11
		+ generic factory registration fix (Jacob)
		+ include build fixage (Me)
		+ gdk-pixbuf fix (Havoc)

	* bonobo-1.0.10
		+ fix bonobo.h install path (Ariel Rios)
		+ socket segv. fixage (Me)

	* ORBit-0.5.11
		+ minor poa oid segv fix (Me)

	* bonobo-conf-0.13
		+ re-enterancy / finalization fixes (Me)
		+ header cleans (Chema Celorio)
		+ notification fix (Bradford Hovinen)

Where can I get them ?

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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