nautilus 1.0.5 is available

A new release of the Nautilus graphical shell and file manager is
available. There have been many improvements since Nautilus 1.0.4 was
released, including a number of things that were done by hackers at Red Hat
to improve Nautilus 1.0.4 for their release that are now rolled into the
mainstream Nautilus source code.

Source code is available at the usual place in (or will be
once the next update happens).

Three of the most-noticeable items that are new in 1.0.5:

    Requires Mozilla 0.9.5
    Gets rid of ~/Nautilus, replacing it with "start-here:"
    Uses ".desktop" files instead of "Nautilus links"

There have been many changes and bug fixes since 1.0.4. See
<> for details.

Nautilus 1.0.5 requires bonobo 1.0.9 or newer, eel 1.0.2 or newer, gnome-vfs
1.0.3 or newer, and librsvg 1.0.1 or newer, as well as the other packages
already required by Nautilus 1.0.4.

    -- Darin

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