Glade-- 0.6.2 is finally available

I'm sorry. I should have published this version three months ago.

But here it is:

Version 0.6.2
- fixed gnome-dialog
- use optionmenu->set_history instead of
- new XML parsing (though this is not yet needed for glade files)
- glade-- now only touches the _glade files which need modifications
        ( much faster rebuilds !!! )
- a new mailing list for glade-- :  glademm-list gnome org !!!
- some tweaking of when to consider a file modified
- fixed packer: GTK_FILLX->GTK_FILL_X
        as reported by vadim vk crocodile org (a long time ago)
- rewrote parts of internal widget handling and contained_iterator
        fixes bugs with [gnome-]dialog
        packer still seems disfunctional (test26)
- fixed some bugs
- event selection by Kevin
- non-gnome menu patches by Toralf Lund
- fileselection callbacks working
- now PropertyBox compiles. Wow, this iterator stuff was complicated.
- GnomeDialog works (I thought this 3 times) (but writer looks really
- still crashing: messagebox, propertybox ??
- autoconf 2.50 fix by christian.glodt
- shadow type for viewport

Glade-- is the c++ backend for Glade (the Gnome User Interface Designer)

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