Gnome-print 0.30 is out

Dear ladies and genlemen,

gnome-print 0.30, the latest stable printing library for gnome
is released!

This is source and binary compatible release. No cool features from
HEAD have found their way into it :-(
I have decided to go ahead by releasing single feature update a
time. And single, most important feature was - guess it - neither
TrueType support, nor OMNi inkjet driver, but instead more sensible
fontmap location.

Read installer/README.installer and README.binaries for more 
information about fontmap changes. It is designed with binary packages
in mind, so hopefully we'll get rid of 'broken fontmap after installing
gnome-print-whatever.rpm' syndrome.

What has changed:

 * We can have arbitrary number of fontmaps, instead of
   just 2 files (me)

 * Bugfixes (everyone)

Where to get it:
Should be:
if mirror updates itself.
But better use

Next version will come soon, I promise. Lauris.

Best wishes,
your gnome-print team

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