Gnumeric 0.76

Gnumeric 0.76 aka 'ice ice baby' is now available.

    We have now frozen the interface and all user visible text in
    preparation for release.  Translators and Documenters it's all yours.
    The target release date is Dec 15, with a hard deadline of Dec 31.
    There will be less translated release candidate versions before then.

    Andreas and Jukka did more work on the analytics improving both the UI
    and the accuracy.  Several new contributors also chimed in with some
    nice extras, like reverse auto-fill.  Morten and I continued to patch
    leaks and audit code.

    This is primarily a bug fixing release as several people took me up on
    the the bug bounty.  NOTE : The bounty still applies, if you are the first
    to find a repeatable crash, I'll give you a beverage of choice.  The
    BEVERAGES file contains a list.

* Beverages to be awarded

    * Bogus pointer comparison in help tokenizer.	(Morten)
    * Relative references crash checkboxes.		(sjburges gimp org)
    * Strange expr-entry bugs after I had 'fixed' it.  	(Andreas)
    * Solver did not support blank input cells.		(grabner andreas utanet at)

    * Incorrect style display for row tiles.		(Frob)
    * Incorrect styles for merges after col delete.	(ACuster)

* New Features

    * Implemented Exponential Smoothing tool.		(Jukka, Andreas)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

    * Auto-fill backwards.				(Alex Barnes)
    * Fix handling of missing observations in		(Andreas)
      F-test, z-test, one-factor ANOVA, histogram,
      regression, and t-tests analysis tools.
    * Permit input from other sheets in F-test,		(Andreas)
      z-test, one-factor ANOVA, histogram,
      regression, and t-tests analysis tools.
    * Fix small errors in F-test, z-test,		(Andreas)
      one-factor ANOVA, Desc. Stats. and t-tests
      analysis tools.
    * Improve Exponential Smoothing and Moving		(Andreas)
      Averages tools.
    * Implement pareto and labels for histograms.	(Andreas)
    * Use confidence level in regression tool.		(Andreas)
    * Use format parsing in entry fields of		(Andreas)
      analysis tools.
    * More work on the expr entry.			(Jody)
    * Fix outline mode. 				(Jody)
    * Add keyboard support to sheet objects.		(Jody)
    * Add warning when xls imports non-ole file.	(Jody)
    * Continue audit and clean out some old code.	(Jody)
    * Validate auto-format template before storing.	(Jody)
    * Fix leaks.					(Jody, Morten)
    * Fix centering while printing scaled regions.	(Jody)
    * Tricky corner cases for style applications.	(Jody)
    * Break lines at hyphens too.			(Jody)
    * Disable col/row resize while editing.		(Jody)
    * Make some dialogs resizable.			(Jody)
    * Fix comment placement for merged cells.		(Jody)
    * Initial XL import for data validation.		(Jody)
    * Improved function documentation.			(Jukka)
    * Improved COUPDAYSNC().				(Jukka)
    * Fix memory overrun in function guru.		(Morten)

* Translations

    * pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira), ru (Valek Filippov),
      nn (Roy-Magne Mo), tr (NilgŁn), fr (Olivier Jousselin),
      fi (Jarkko Ranta), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky),
      es (German Poo Caamaqo)

* Availability

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