Evolution 0.99.2 (Release Candidate 2) is out!

A new 1.0 Release Candidate for Evolution hit the wires today.  Thanks
to the help of the several users who tested the first Release
Candidate and reported bugs about it, this release fixes all the major
known problems and is really close to being "the" 1.0 release.

Despite the impending 1.0 release, you shouldn't stop looking for
bugs.  If you find a problem, we still want to know about it!  You can
submit a bug report at http://bugzilla.ximian.com or with the GNOME
Bug Report tool (Programs->Utilities ->Bug Buddy).  Prizes will be
awarded to those reporting the nastiest and strangest bugs, and of
course for the greatest number of reports.

Every Thursday, developers and users of Evolution gather to find,
isolate, and destroy bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and
visit the #evobugs channel, located on the irc.gnome.org server.
Ximian QA master Luis Villa will be in attendance between 9 AM and 9
PM Eastern Standard Time.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing
to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at:


or visit our Source Code page at:


to get the latest source tarballs.


(Numbers refer to bug listings in the Ximian Bugzilla,

* #14611: Syncing with nationalized Czech Palm-OS handhelds doesn't
  work because of problems with the character set conversions.

* #1183: Alarms that you create on a Palm-OS device are not moved to
  Evolution during synchronization.

* #14715: Outlook Express fails to recognize Evolution's iTIP
  attachments although they work fine with Outlook 2000 and Outlook

* In some cases, the tail optimization feature of the Reiserfs file
  system can negatively affect the performance of the mail component.
  If you use Reiserfs and encounter this problem you can turn off the
  tail optimization feature specifying the option "notail" in your fstab



* #14783: killev does not check for system type properly.
* #14630: HTML docs refer to missing gifs in stylesheet-images.
* #15027: Typos in the docs.
* #15028: Corrections to the user documentation.
* #15056: Spelling Error.


*  #6295: Go to folder dialog should have the e-tree focused.
* #13872: Crash.


* #13478: Summary hangs at startup.
* #14518: Crashing while starting the program.


* #10560: Messages in Korean charset displayed as blank.
* #10735: Extra cruft at bottom of Compose window's View menu.
* #11177: Closing main window while dialog up, hangs.
* #11647: "Body contains" and "Body does not contain" searches are
          matching strings in the message header.
* #13996: Searches not available in IMAP in offline mode.
* #14351: pgp 5.5.8 not supported, recognized as 2.6.x.
* #14361: IMAP/SSL APPENDs hang.
* #14542: Crash pressing ctrl-a ctrl-k.
* #14569: Crash when moving a folder.
* #14620: Weird font issue in Mdk 7.2.
* #14659: GPG messages are truncated.
* #14672: evolution-mail crashes on startup.
* #14794: PGP signing problem, complaining about 2.6.x when 6.5.1
          is installed.
* #14826: Crashed the editor by using Alt-C (capitalize word).
* #14838: Saving passwords dosen't work.
* #14848: Forwarding wrong email in separate window when using prev/next
* #14861: DnD a message from a folder with a space in the name fails.
* #14951: Cancelling before IMAP connect causes IMAP to loop forever.
* #14965: Message copy fails with space in folder names.
* #15038: Can page up or page down off of table.
* #15154: Long line rendering bug.
* #15267: Outgoing filter move/copy to folder crashes Mailer.
* #15296: Mailer hangs when fetching mail.
* #15324: Table handling code not rendering centered content when
	    it should.
* #15374: "___" in autogenerated name of vfolder created by sender of message.
* #15393: Pointer grab when shift-double clicking.


*  #9501: Appointment Editor has "Save changes?" confirmation but
          Contact editor does not.
* #14107: Crash: Address auto-complete pop-up appears after sending mail.
* #14646: Doesn't handle failure in default_book case.
* #14743: Contacts crashes when saving a List.
* #14780: Pushing categories in Contact editor crashes Contacts.

Pilot conduits:

*  #9465: Palm Addressbook sync corrupts character set.
* #14562: Crash.
* #15355: Bogus warning in calendar conduit.


* #10285: Problem printing the calendar.
* #13631: Left-over debug print.
* #14021: Problems entering a task.
* #14335: UTF-8 Error in schedule meeting.
* #14337: Meeting is added to calender even when selecting decline.
* #14362: Appointments (public or private) don't show in the Day
          view of the calendar.
* #14392: Event editor removes wrong pages when object updated.
* #14524: Meeting page dragging broken for all day events.
* #14655: evolution-alarm-notify crash on start.
* #14687: load_uri failures are not noticed by the client talking
          to the wombat.
* #14704: Free/busy info not in UTC.
* #14765: Schedule page timezone problems.
* #14842: EWeekView - typing in event & day incorrect.
* #14845: Crash assigning category to new task.
* #14941: Crash.
* #15137: Crash when double clicking on empty appointment.


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