ggv 1.1.91...

...the "This Time Really Almost 1.2" release has arrived, bringing you:

- updated translations
- an option for the user to change toolbar label visibility; this fixes
  for the notorious "Vergroessern" problem in locales with long phrases
- build system adapted to parallel-install changes in bonobo
- completely revamped english user documentation (Jonathan Bartlett)

the translators are kindly invited to update their translations (zh_CN.GB2312, ga & hr are at the top of the Most Untranslated of all Times List) and the japanese, italian and german translation of the documentation as they are sorely outdated and otherwise won't be included in the distribution.

the tarball is waiting to be downloaded at the usual:

and the diff from the 1.1.90 is at:



email: jaka gnu org

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