ANN: Pan 0.11.0 "Why Don't You Just Make Ten Louder" Released

Pan 0.11.0, "Why Don't You Just Make Ten Louder", has been released.
It can be found at
What is Pan?

        Pan is a newsreader, loosely based on Agent and Gravity, which
        attempts to be pleasant to use for new and advanced users alike.
        It has all the typical features found in newsreaders and also
        supports offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections,
        and a number of extra features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

        It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the
        Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.  See for the rest of the
        sales pitch.

About 0.11.0

        This is the first non-beta release in almost three months.  In that
        time there have been four betas to shake the bugs out of new features
        for this release.

        Highlights of this release include important stability improvements,
        a tool to manage posting identities, fewer library dependencies,
        less memory usage, faster and less memory-intensive decoding, many
        small GUI improvements, *lots* of bug fixes, and a dozen updated translations.
        Many of Pan's modules have been rewritten for pthread stability.

What's New in 0.11.0


        * Added Profiles manager for managing what name, email address,
          signature file, custom headers, etc. to use when posting to
          different groups.

        * No longer requires the following packages: gtkhtml, glade,
          gnome-print, libgconf, libgal, libcapplet, bonobo, and oaf.
          We now display inline images and clickable URLs without these

        * Added a more quote colors for color-coding 
          >>> One reply
          >> from the next
          > and so on.

        * Finally added support for writing posts with an external editor.
          Thanks to Sylpheed for this code.

        * Added an option to shorten names in the group pane; ie,
          "" can be shortened to "c.g.a.gimp".

        * Added the ability to sort by read state (new, unread, number of new
          replies, etc) and by action state (flagged, queued, etc).  Thanks to
          David Watson and Sapient Fridge for suggesting this.

        * Can now toggle between a normal font and a monospace font in the
          article body pane.  Thanks to KNode for this idea.

        * Added Preferences option to toggle custom foreground/background
          colors in the text pane vs. using the default gtk theme colors.
          Thanks to Justin Piszcz for suggesting this.

        * The search field above the group and article lists are now comboboxes
          that remember earlier search fields.  Thanks to Adam Nevins for
          suggesting this.

        * Added the ability to toggle the visibility of each of the main panes.

        * "Stable" sorting in the header pane, so that sorting in one column,
          then another, gives a two-key sort.


        * Faster, less memory and disk-intensive decoding of attachments.

        * The menu has been rearranged to have more sensible feature groupings.

        * The "Save Article" and "Save Attachments" dialogs have been merged
          into a single dialog.

        * Nicer article navigation.

        * When Following up an article, the focus in the composer window is set
          to the message box rather than being hidden wherever the default was.
          Thanks to Cameron Kerr for suggesting this.

        * Slightly faster downloading of article headers and bodies.

        * Small improvements in Pan's configure script.

        * Fixed crash when importing an empty .newsrc file, such as on startup
          when auto-importing a .newsrc file.  This is the most-reported 0.9.7
          bug.  Thanks to Derek Poon for first reporting this problem and
          submitting a fix.

        * Fixed problems with different threads manipulating articles
          concurrently.  This fixes many of the "pan crashes in unreproducable
          ways" bugs.

        * Articles' memory management is now tied to an article refcount
          of the group which owns them.  This resolves the Article life
          cycle issues like "what happens if a rule deletes an article that
          articlelist is drawing?" and "what if an article is expired while
          a person's reading it?" etc.

        * Fixed crashes in the Task Manager dialog.

        * Fixed crashes in the progressbar when using pixmapped Gtk+ themes.

        * Fixes bug that caused some Tasks to get stuck in an Abort state
          even if they completed successfully.

        * Fixed bug that caused Tasks to sometimes not get run in the queue
          until another task was added to give it a bump.  Thanks to
          Douglas Kilpatrick for tracking down this bug. 

        * Fixed small but nasty memory corruption bug when saving attachments.

        * Fixes for creating/saving negated filter conditions.  Thanks to
          Jed S. Baer for reporting this bug.

        * Fixes bug that didn't disconnect correctly from the news server
          when an error occurred while saving attachments.

        * Fix bug that caused Pan to crash when it was started in zoom mode.
          Thanks to Leo Lipelis for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed three different crashing bugs that occurred when torturing
          the article threads.

        * Some headers were not being saved for pending articles in
          the pan.sendlater folder.  This caused problems when trying
          to post offline.  Thanks to T'aZ, Frank Van Damme, and lots
          of other people for reporting this bug.

        * Fixes xml decoding bug.  Thanks to Tõivo Leedjärv for reporting
          this bug and providing a patch.

        * Fix in GMime for Debian and Solaris charsets.  Thanks to Volodymyr
          M. Lisivka for submitting a patch to GMime.

        * Fixed bug in encoding the From: header in new posts.  Thanks to
          Julien Plissonneau Duquene and Christian Lohmaier for reporting
          for reporting this bug and to Jeffrey Stedfast for fixing it.

        * Build fixes for FreeBSD.  Thanks to Christian Kuhtz for reporting
          these problems and suggesting fixes.

        * Fixed bug that kept reading/deleting an article from propagating
          to its crossposts.

        * Fixed fairly large memory leak when editing preferences.

        * Fixed problem with date header not being sent when sending mail from
          Pan.  Thanks to Derek Poon for reporting this problem and submitting
          a fix.
        * "Get New Headers in Selected/Subscribed Groups" was queueing the
          groups tasks in reverse order. #62969

        * Ensure that Control+Return in the compose window is a shortcut
          for "Send Now" as it is in Agent.  Thanks to Himanshu Gohel for
          reporting this bug. #62569

        * Fixed bug in the rot13 code that truncated lines when they
          encountered characters like ā, ō, or č.  Thanks to Nightshade for
          reporting this bug.

        * Show the correct linecount in the Header Pane for multipart binaries
          when reposts are included in the multipart thread.

        * Wrap excessively long email addresses in the header display so that
          Pan's window doesn't strech off the screen.  Thanks to David Watson
          for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed error with displaying mime articles with two or more text
          attachments.  Thanks to Robert Tilley for reporting this bug.

        * Fix lockup from having a double-mutex thread lock if X can't load the
          user-specified font. Thanks to Thomas Gamble for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed annoying space reading bug that caused short articles to be
          scrolled offscreen, then back on again, before going to the next

        * Hitting "show all headers" didn't actually show *all* headers, just
          more headers.  Thanks to Christian Lohmaier for reporting this bug.

        * In the article toolbar filter, switching between Subject and
          Author didn't cause the articles to be re-filtered.

        * Tab Damage errors in 0.10.0 fixed.

        * Other build fixes.

        * Small memory leaks fixed.

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