ANNOUNCE: idx-getox 0.1 : new Gnome Editor for Text Oriented XML

IDEALX ( is proud to publish
Getox(, which stands for Gnome Editor for
Text Oriented XML. Getox is placed under the GPL.

Getox is an XML editor which aims at giving users the ability to write
XML files without having advanced knowledge of XML concepts. 

This is the initial release which can be already used to help you
editing your XML documents whichever DTD you need. It has been
succesfully tested with XML docbook DTD. 

The main goal of GETOX is to manipulate an XML file as if it were a
simple text file. It should also allow users to produce valid documents
at any time by interpreting the DTD and suggesting contextual elements. 

Right now, users can: 

- Open/Close/Save XML files including parsing of the associated DTD 
- Creation of a new XML file generated from a DTD
- Add and remove tags according to the DTD 
- Edit text in #pcdata 
- Move across the text using arrows 
- Cut and Paste text from widgets to X clipboard

Getox should provide an alternative to psgml for those who are not used
to emacs.

A screeshot of a DocBook document is available at

You can download Getox from


Olivier BERGER                          IDEALX S.A.S.
Développeur senior                      15-17, av. de Ségur                          F-75007 PARIS                

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