GnomerMind 1.0 is out!

Hi all! :)
    finally, after nothing less than 20 releases, the 'utterly stable' of
GnomerMind is out! Fetch it at

or visit the homepage at
(ay, I'll update it as soon as sourceforge will be up again...)

    GnomerMind is a nice game for GNOME, inspired by the classic MasterMind
game - with something more. It puts the stress on the look'n'feel and on the
configurability; almost every aspect and rule of the game can be configured,
and the gameplay is really immediate to figure out. Moreover, the graphics
is nice for the eyes - and if you don't like it, well, just design your own
theme! :)
    Another great stress is on GNOME compliancy - that is, it behaves at it
should. It has a complete help system, comes with a SPEC file, and even
features session management, so that you can get your game back if you shut
down GNOME during a game... It uses xml-i18n-tools 0.8.4 for
internationalization, and displays nicely on the sawfish taskbar.
    It comes in tarballs, RPM packages, and Debian ones; it speaks 13
languages (en, it, ru, fr, sv, nl, tr, de, es, sk, pt, zh_TW, ja), and
requires GDK-Pixbuf, gnome-libs (> 1.0.59), and eventually the esound daemon
to manage sound.
    Have a nice day -- and have FUN!
        Mano :)

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