ANN: Pan 0.9.7pre5 "Neddie Seagoon" Released

Pan 0.9.7pre5, "Neddie Seagoon", has been released.
It can be found at

What is Pan?

	Pan is a newsreader for Gnome whose goal is to be easy to use yet
	functional enough for beginners and advanced users alike.  It has
	all the basic features of threading, reading, filtering, posting,
	and offline reading, and also has a number of features for power
	users and alt.binaries fans.  It's also the only Unix newsreader
	to get a perfect score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
	evalations.  See for the
	rest of the sales pitch.

About 0.9.7pre5

        This is intended to be the last prerelease before 0.9.7, which in 
        turn will be the last big release in the 0.9 series.  We're sick 
        to death of bugfixes and are itching to crank out some new code
        for 0.10.0. :)

        This is an development release for users wanting to test new code.
        Bug reports, feedback, and especially patches are very welcome.
        Users wanting only to read news should use Pan 0.9.6 or wait for
        0.9.7 to be released on June 7th.

        As has been pointed out on the gnome-announce mailing list, version
        numbers like "pre5" can be problematic. After 0.9.7, future
        development releases will be minor revision numbers staring
        with 90, such as

Changes in 0.9.7pre5


        * Added the ability to pause the task manager's queue.  Thanks to
          Phillip Pi, Ron Youvan, Ryan Daniels, and others for requesting
          this feature.


        * Fixed crash that occurred when activating the "open in new window"
          feature from the text window's popup menu.  Thanks to John LeMay,
          Ron Youvan, and Margus Ramst for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed problem with the list panes looking wrong under dark gtk
          themes.  Lots of people reported this bug, but special thanks
          go to Duane Healing and Jed Baer for helping track this one down.

        * Fixed problem that caused articles to be incorrectly marked unread.
          Thanks to Christophe Lambin for first reporting this bug.

        * Fixed bug that broke the wrapping/filling code when replying to
          a message.  Thanks to Dietmar Staab for reporting this bug.

        * Move and Copy articles to a folder acted the same, but Move should
          have removed the articles from the original group.  Thanks to
          Wolfgang Schricker for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed RH problems with the RPM spec files.  Thanks to Yosi Markovich
          for reporting this bug.

        * Small memory leaks fixed.


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