ANNOUNCE: Bonobo 1.0.4 released ...

        Yet another bonobo release, mainly for focus fixage reasons, but
also with a load of other nice fixes:

* What happened ?

	* Revert WM Focus order fix (Federico)

	* Kill duff plug/socket assertion (Federico)

	* Canvas item redraw bug fixage (Mike Kestner)

	* Moniker mime query fixes (Gergo)

	* Remove 'object' keyword misuse from IDL (Uche Ogbuji)

	* Honour gnome_preferences_get_menus_have_icons (Me)

	* PropertyControl leak fixage (Iain Holmes)

	* UIContainer / Control / ControlFrame debug calming (Me)

	* Dependency fix (Gediminas Paulauskas)

	* Documentation fixes.
* Availability - when updates.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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