Pan 0.9.7pre2 "Beware of the Leopard" Released

Greetings fellow stargazers,

Pan 0.9.7pre2, "Beware of the Leopard", has been released.
It can be found at

What is Pan?

        PAN is a newsreader for GNOME which is easy to use, configurable,
        and good at both real newsreading and downloading binaries.
        See for the sales pitch.

About 0.9.7pre2

	This is an development release for users wanting to test new code.
	Bug reports, feedback, and especially patches are very welcome.
	Users wanting only to read news should use Pan 0.9.6 or wait until
	0.9.7 is released.

	As has been pointed out on the gnome-announce mailing list, version
	numbers like "pre2" can be problematic, "pre2" won't make things
	any worse than "pre1" already has.  After 0.9.7, future development
	releases will be minor revision numbers staring with 90, such as

Changes in 0.9.7pre2

        Bug Fixes

        * pre1 crashed when downloading headers with certain strings.

        * pre1 didn't handle multiple UU-encoded attachments correctly.
          Thanks to Huub Reuver for reporting this.  Also, added a regression
          test for this.

        * The "open attachments" command now works properly even when there
          is more than one attachment in the file.

        * Better handling of encoded email addresses.  Thanks to Christian
          Lohmaier for reporting a couple of encoding-related bugs.


        * Changed the queue flush priorities to make it likelier that a failed
          multipart decode will keep the parts it successfully downloaded for
          a retry.  Thanks to Frederik Vanrenterghem and Aluminum Foil Ball
          for suggesting this change.

        * Duplicate filenames during saving attachments are now renamed
          foo_2.gif, foo_3.gif, etc. instead of foo.2.gif, foo.3.gif, for
          beter sorting.  Thanks to Ron Youvan for suggesting this change.


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