Re: Pan 0.9.7-pre1 Released

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Charles Kerr wrote:

> Pan 0.9.7-pre1 "Just Good Friends" has been released.
> It can be found at
> What is Pan?
>         PAN is a newsreader for GNOME which is easy to use, configurable,
>         and good at both real newsreading and downloading binaries.
>         See for the sales pitch.
> New in 0.9.7-pre1
This kind versioning style makes some trouble on packaging level. First
you prepere 0.9.7-pre1 and after this 0.9.7. If you will look on this
"0.9.7-pre1" is greater than "0.9.7" and also rpm (which is GNU
standards compliant) do not accept "-" in version stings.

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