Gnome Basic 0.0.19 released

	A minor release timed to ease co-existance with the Stanford
GraphBase, package sgb who seem to have cornered the market in
libraries named 'libgb'.

* So what changed ?

	* library renaming (Ben Burton)

	* Lots of form work from (Frank Chiulli)
		* 'Shape' rendering on forms
		* form item updates, much expanded property set
		* OptionButton
		* ComboBox
		* ListBox
		* nested menus / submenus
		* scads of bug fixes

	* InputBox (Julian Froment)

	* OptionButton fixes (Per Gjermshus)

	* compare fixes (Ed Sesek)

	* Mid(b) fixes (Ed Sesek)

* Notes

	Bug reports are only appreciated for parser errors, ie. if you
are interested in development please send either patches, or fragments
of test code. We are well aware that there are many things remaining

	We need someone to start tackling the pandemic of memory leaks
in gb, before other modules start catching them.

* Availability

* More information

	See the website at

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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