ANNOUNCE: gnome-utils the "Badger spleens" release


Yay! Another release of gnome-utils.  This time with things actually working
for a change, and a couple of new proggies even.  Not to mention that configure
output looks nicer, as if anybody cares about that.

Anyway, thanks go to Kjartan for doing so much work on this and pushing me to
actually do something.  As well as all the other people that contributed to
this release.

What is gnome-utils?  Well as the name would suggest these are GNOME
utilities.  They're the stupid little programs that are part of every
desktop.  And some that aren't part of every desktop.

Hopefully over the next few months there will be some UI cleanup of things
and some new useful proggies added, there are many things that we are still
missing in terms of stupid little utilities.  So everyone think of them and
get coding ...

So what's new in this release:

	* Add support for xml-i18n-tools. Not .desktop files yet since
	  there still are issues with different encodings in the same
	  file. (Kjartan)
	* Fix build to comply with new docs standards. (John)
	* Translation updates. (George, Christophe, Zbigniew, Christian
	  Matthias, Ole, Andras, Kjartan, Pablo, Antti, Stanislav,
	  Gediminas, Fatih, Valek)


	* New program from Miguel.
	* gnome-exe-handler is invoked by applications that
	  try to launch executables in Unix, but do not have the
	  executable permission bit set.

	* Backported gnome-calc from GTK+ 2.0 (Chema)
	* Make backspace and delete work. (Chema)
	* Fix layout/spacing bugs. (Chema)
	* New German docs. (Peter)
	* New Spanish docs. (Manuel)
	* Lots of doc fixes (John)
	* Resize window fixes (Kevin)
	* Fix lots of i18n brokenness and make the help
	  button work. (Kjartan)

	* Fix i18n brokenness. (George)
	* Fix return values (Jochen)
	* Robustness fixes. (Kjartan)
	* Lots of i18n cleanup. (Kjartan)
	* Apply patches from Red Hat to make a dialog
	  if the server can't be contacted instead of spewing
	  it on the console.
	* Handlebar fixes (Bradford)

	* Don't show usage over 100%. (George)
	* Don't crash on very large disks. (George).
	* Default to show mount point and size. (George).
	* Exclude "usbdevfs". (Kjartan)
	* Fix resizing on orientation change. (George)
	* Fix help button in preferences. (John)

	* Fix i18n brokenness. (Kjartan)
	* Fix check for recognized devices. (George)
	* Fix check for write permission. (George)
	* Error out if we can't find the glade file. (George)
	* Fix filename corruption. (George)
	* Fix locate interface to actually show matches. (George)
	* i18n fixes. (Kjartan)
	* Limit number of errors to 20. (George)
	* Lots of cleanup, code correctness etc. (George)
	* Remove pid file on "unclean" exit. (George)
	* Spanish translation of docs. (Manuel)
	* Tons of fixes to make the app actually work as expected
	  in most cases. Fixes crashes in actions among other things. (George)
	* Fix a lot of i18n problems. (George, Kjartan)
	* Actually hide the window when the user requests it. (George)
	* Add more default logs. (George)
	* Add console helper support. (George)
	* Cleanup warnings and remove unused code. (Kjartan)
	* New program by George.
	* Program to make archives.
	* Fix bug in float range view. (George)
	* Fix races in loading of preferences. (George)

	* Add console helper support. (Kjartan)
	* Spanish translation of docs. (Manuel)
	* Fix help button. (George, patch from Ximian)

	* Fix build with WITH_SPARKLES defined. (George, patch from Ximian)

	* Remove Save from the menu since it does nothing. (John)
	* Docs updates. (John)
	* Add help. (George, patch from Ximian)

	* Don't try to save parameters that have been deleted.
	  (John Kodis)
	* Spanish translation of docs. (Manuel)
	* Build/warning fixes. (Jason, Kjartan)

So where to get this thing?
(you might have to wait for your local mirror to update)

RPM is available at:


The gnome-utils dudes

George <jirka 5z com>
   There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that
   which should not be done at all.
                       -- Peter Drucker

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