ANNOUNCE: MrProject 0.3.0

MrProject 0.3.0, the "Majstång" release, is out!

What is it?

MrProject is a project management application under development, that
will help build project plans and track the progress of a project.

The development of MrProject is led by CodeFactory as a free software
project, and all code is licensed under the GNU General Public


 - The Gantt scale is customizable, with a major and a minor scale

 - A new Goto dialog to navigate around the project (Richard)

 - Major restructuring of the CORBA code (Mikael and Richard)

 - Major restructuring in the project-server to
   better support various backends and file-plugins (Mikael and

 - Template dialog (Anders)

 - Optional Evolution composer support for sending projects (Anders)

 - Spiced up about box :) (Anders and Richard)

 - Implemented File->Revert (Thomas)

 - Spanish, Japanse and Swedish translations (Carlos, Hirofumi,

 - Added support for default group (Mikael)

 - Show current selected task in the Gantt chart (Richard)

 - The beginnings of an MPX file loader (Michael)

 - Fixed various bugs and plugged leaks (Thomas, Mikael, Richard)

 - Show errors in message boxes instead of just spewing them
   to stderr (Lutz and Richard)

 - Try to save open files if we crash (Richard)

Where to get it?

You can download source tarballs and precompiled packages at the
project homepage

MrProject is also available through CodeFactory's CVS server. See the
homepage for more information on how to checkout the source.

There is also a set of web tools for browsing and searching the source
online at

Please read the README file for how to build, install, and run the


Special thanks to Thomas Nyberg, Anders Carlsson, Michael Meeks and
Lutz Müller for the contributions.


MrProject is under heavy development and all contributions are
welcome. If you would like to get involved, please subscribe to the
MrProject mailing list by sending a mail with "subscribe" in the
message body to mrproject-request lists codefactory se, or visit the
mailing list web page to subscribe:

You can also check out the project page regularly for news.

Where to report bugs or feature requests?

Good luck, 
   the MrProject team

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
CodeFactory AB        
Office: +46 (0)8 587 583 05     Cell: +46 (0)709 718 918

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