Think 0.2 released

Think 0.2 "What? A commit to Think?" has been released. Both its users
are rejoicing.

In case you've forgotten what it is in the years since the last
release, Think is an outliner. It allows you to organize text data in
a tree structure.

This release has some big interface improvements. It is quite a bit
more usable now.

New things:
 * editing a node can be done in the main window, without working in a
   new dialog

 * cut/copy/paste of trees of nodes

 * new translations (hu, it, ko, no, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk, zh_TW.Big5)

 * Think now works on multi-depth X displays

A wide assortment of xml saving/loading bugs, segfaults, and memory
leaks has also been fixed.

Think now lives at:

This release is:


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