Gnome Chess 0.3.2

Gnome Chess O.3.2 "Euwe" has been released.  0.3.1 was not widely
announced and the changes for it have also been included.

Available when the mirrors update.

Version 0.3.2 "Euwe", 2001-06-01

  - Bug fix for connecting to servers

Version 0.3.1 "Petrosian", 2001-05-31

  - Non drag & drop piece movement (click on from/to squares)
  - Sorting and auto sizing of the pgn games list
  - Support for timeseal when the server address is not an IP address
  - Player names/times now reflect board orientation
  - Get analysis for crafty working again
  - Get beep on move working again
  - Handle aborted server games more gracefully
  - Numerous architecture cleanups and bug fixes
  - Experimental auto flag support (not relying on the server)
  - Experimental terminal size code for chess servers
  - Many new translations

JP Rosevear				jpr ximian com
Ximian Inc.

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