[ANNOUNCE] Procman 0.8

Hello all. Yes a fresh new release of procman is available. Sorry it didn't
happen on Sunday.

What is procman:
Procman is a process viewer/system monitor. Some of its features are:
* icons for processes
* ability to hide processes that are of no interest
* tree view for process dependencies
* ability to not show threads - could cut down on the "mozilla uses 220 MB
of memory" questions ;)
* nice easy to use interface - I hope, let me know if you think otherwise.

Procman depends on libgtop version 1.0.6 or greater, and gal version
0.8.99.something and higher. Gal version 0.9.1 is suggested and packages are
available at ftp.ximian.com in the pub/ximian-gnome/ directory. Or you can
use Red-Carpet to get Gal.

The home-page for procman is here:
Binaries for RedHat 7.x and Debian Woody are available and RedHat 6.x
packages are in the making.

New in 0.8:
* dialog to edit the hidden process list
* put cpu/mem/swap meters on faster timeout for better display
* preferences dialog
* new config option to not show icons. Speeds up load time a lot
* new config option to show threads
* Turkish translation

Hope you enjoy,

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