Gtkdial 0.3.8

Gtkdial 0.3.8 ("Rapid Calcification") is now available.

This release includes:

- bug fixes in detecting multiple gtkdials/old modem lock files.
- Improvements to online timer alerts etc.
- Much improved, more GNOMElike look (Aubanel <aubanel libertysurf fr>)
- New, improved and extended translations.

Its more stable, nicer looking and more usable than 0.3.7, but if you're
using that without problems, you might want to wait for the next release
which will fix a host of recently reported bugs and annoyances.

You can download gtkdial as a tarball, source RPM or RH7.1 binary RPM

Instructions for obtaining .debs (which will be available soon), are
also here.


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