ANNOUNCE: ammonite 0.8.3 released

Eazel is pleased to announce the release of ammonite 0.8.3.  This
release of ammonite continues ammonite's proud tradition of being the
most purpose-fit piece of free software ever.

What is it?

Ammonite is a client-side HTTP proxy with special features for
connecting to Eazel Services.  It implements Eazel's client-side
authentication framework.  Most importantly, it allows multiple programs
to communicate with Eazel Services while the user only logs in once.  It
also tunnels all Eazel Service HTTP traffic over SSL.

Why do I care?

Maybe you don't.  Ammonite is necessary to use Eazel's desktop services
through Nautilus. 

You'll need it if you configure Nautilus with --enable-services.

Where did it come from?

Ammonite was originally based on tinyproxy v1.3 by Steven Young
<sdyoung well com> and Robert James Kaes <rjkaes flarenet com>. 
However, almost no code remains from those innocent beginnings.

What's in there?

        Async Socket Library (Robey Pointer)
        Async Proxy Core (Robey Pointer, Mike Fleming)
        Async Mini-HTTP Library (Mike Fleming)
        Authentication Framework (Mike Fleming)

Ammonite is probably the only HTTP proxy with a CORBA interface.

Things that have changed since 0.8.1

        o Password change feature returns better error codes (robey)
        o Login returns better error codes (mfleming)
        o GConf format for HTTP proxy settings (mfleming)
        o Memory leaks have been patched (mfleming)
        o Much localization
          (bansz, rasta, stano, frob, redfox, kmaraas, others.  Thanks
          a lot!)

Where do I get it?

As always: Use with caution....

Mike Fleming
Robey Pointer

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