Bonobo 0.32 released ...

        Ximian ( in conjunction with some honorary monkeys ) is happy to
announce that the Bonobo 0.32, 'Slicker quicker monkey' release is now    
available. This cleans some of the API, accelerates the UI code and fixes
much of the Canvas Item mess.   

* What Changed ?

        * Monikers
                * Virtualized more of BonoboMoniker (Me)
                * Item container re-written (Me)   
                * Item handler implemented (Miguel)

        * UI stuff (Me)
                * Substantialy re-factored 
                * Acceleration (with Pavel)
                * Configuration engine
                * Toolbar customization dialog
                * Ignore Gtk+ keybinding assignment
                * Hide lots of internals
                * Docs updated
                * honour more GNOME prefs (Jacob)

        * Property Bag (Dietmar)
                * Improved exception handling
                * Reference leaks fixed
                * new Property listener methods
        * Canvas Items (Mike Kestner)
                * Add event signal    
                * Add grab / ungrab    
                * Fix UI merging code  
                * Update proxy creation

        * Misc cleans (Dietmar)
                * Fixed reference handling on addInterface 
                * Event Source updated 
                * Several reference leaks nailed 
                * Improved running context ref tracking 
                * Macros to reduce code complexity          

	* Bonobo-idl re-enabled (Miguel)

        * Header include cleanups (Jason Leach)

        * Conversion to xml-i18n-tools (Maciej)

        * Misc. bugs fixed (Darin, Eskil Olsen, Robin Slomkowski)

* Availability

 michael ximian com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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