[ANNOUNCE] Gtk-Perl 0.7005 released.

Gtk-Perl version 0.7005 has been released: you can find it
on your preferred CPAN mirror or, as usual, on http://projects.prosa.it/gtkperl/
(note that this host recently changed IP address, so you might get to the
old one for some time).

New with release 0.7005.

* GnomePrint support added.
* Experimental Bonobo support added.
* Experimental Mozilla support added.
* No longer required to call the init method on most of the submodules.
* Updated support for GtkHTML (added a Gtk::HTML::Simple package that handles
  all the http connections for you using LWP).
* Added a perl variable change event source for the gtk mainloop.
* Simpler support for building your own submodules.
* The toplevel Makefile will compile all the submodules for you (if you have
  the requires libraries installed).
* Moved the Applet code to its own submodule.
* Documentation updates (including a brand-new Gtk::cookbook!).
* Many fixes, cleanups and other small enhancements here and there.

The plan is to have a new release in a couple of weeks with full
Bonobo support and other little changes to match the gnome 1.4 release.
Stay tuned.


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