Gal 0.5 Announcement

Hello lovers of the heavens, a new gal is available:
Gal 0.5, code name "Annie Easley", is out.

Annie Easley is a computer scientist studying energy projects for
NASA.  She has worked at NASA's Lewis Research Center since 1955.
You can find more information about her at

Gal is the Gnome Application Library, a collection of widgets and
other helper functions from Evolution and Gnumeric.

* Availability

You can get the Gal 0.5 tarball here:

Gal 0.5 also requires GNOME Print (0.24) and libunicode (0.4.gnome).

Helix GNOME users will also be able to install the packages by the
usual means, by using Helix Update (or apt-get on Debian).  Packages
for Debian, Red Hat 6.x and 7.0, Caldera 2.4, Mandrake 6.1, 7.0, and
7.1, Suse 6.3, 6.4 and 7.0, TurboLinux 6, and LinuxPPC 2000 will be
available soon.

Have fun,

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