Bonobo 0.35 released ...

        Ximian ( in conjunction with some honorary monkeys ) is happy to
announce that the Bonobo 0.35, 'Stable Monkey' release is now    
available. This cleans much of the API, accelerates the UI code,
and hard freezes large chunks of the API.

* Abstract

	It also introduces a very new way of creating CORBA servers with
little overhead above that already introduced by Gtk+. This has been
used for all implementations that are not extended inside Nautilus.

	Interfaces that are stable have as yet not been guarded in the
headers as James suggested, this is due to fatigue not lack of willing. I
anticipate a paper bag release shortly containing these guards.

	Furthermore, keyboard focus bug fixage action is expected in the
short term to the now frozen control / control-frame, plug / socket
interfaces - previous, incomplete code to do this has been reverted.

* Blurb

	Please hammer on this Bonobo, and send me the bits.

* What Changed ?

	* BonoboXObject (Me)

	* Canvas fixes (Mike Kestner)
		* IDL cleanups
		* Misc bug fixage

	* UI handler
		* Toolbar shadow preference fix (Federico Mena)
		* Toolbar sizing problems (Ettore)
		* Builtin toolbar customization GUI & popup (Me)
		* UI configuration code (Me)
		* UI Menu rebuild acceleration (Me)
		* UI config Leak fixes (Iain)
		* Toolbar resize bug (Cody Russell)
		* Tearoff menu fixage (Me, Darin Adler)

	* Monikers
		* comparison method (Me)
		* stream cache moniker (Dietmar)

	* Misc new features
		* Use a Stream to transfer print data (Me)
		* Re-namespace IDL files (Me)
		* Property bag fixage (Dietmar)
		* Automatic shlib reference tracking (Dietmar)
		* Profiling config support (Pavel Cisler)
		* Zoomable interface expansion (Cody Russell)

	* Misc bug fixing
		* Leak fixes (Morten, Me)
		* Method chaining bugs (Me)
		* Depend on oaf >= 0.6.2 (Me)
		* LibIDL checks for bonobo-idl (Me)
		* Fix bonobo-idl build (Me)
		* function signature fix (George Lebl)
		* Stream moniker extender fix (Lutz Muller)
		* Calm ORBit warnings (Maciej Stachowiak)

	* Reference counting problems nailed (Owen, Me)

	* Begginings of keyboard focus fixage (Federico)

* Availability

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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