Firestarter 0.8.0

It's been a while since the last version, but here it finally is,
Firestarter 0.8.0. This is mainly a much needed maintenence release,
fixing a lot of bugs, but also adding a couple of new features.

About Firestarter
Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux machines. Whether
you simply want to protect your personal workstation or you have a
network of computers to secure, Firestarter is here to make your
life easier. While a Firewall does not guarantee security, it is
often the first line of defence against network based attacks.
Firestarter is a GNOME Fifth Toe application.

Key Features
* The firewall wizard will create a customized firewall in just a
  few simple steps.
* The real-time firewall hit monitor show attackers probing your
* Open and close ports, deny traffic from agressors or stealth your
  services with a few mouse clicks.
* Set up Network Address Translation or port forwarding for your LAN.
* Supports Linux kernel versions 2.4 and 2.2.

Changes Since 0.7.1
* Lots of bug fixes and tweaks
* Improved wizard
* Init scripts for RPM/SysV based distros
* FTP (with NAT) connection and general connection tracking improvements
* Port forwarding for UDP protocols
* The generated scripts are lot nicer and properly commented
* Sysctl security checks for all sorts of nasty things
* Stuff I can't remember anymore

Grab it while it's hot:
Debian packages (now available in unstable) Real Soon

Tomas Junnonen <majix sci fi>

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