Gnumeric 0.99.0 Release Candidate 1

Gnumeric 0.99.0 aka 'Release Candidate 1' is now available.

	This is a bug fix release.  Andreas (bless him) went to town and
	patched lots problems big and small.  Greg Leblanc was also hard at
	work tidying up the documentation build.

	If all goes smoothly Gnumeric 1.0.0 will appear in 1 week.

	NOTE : The bug bounty still applies, if you are the first to find a
	repeatable crash, I'll give you a beverage of choice.  The BEVERAGES
	file contains a list.

	PACKAGERS : Please note the version number format changed in
		preparation for release.

* Beverages awarded

	a t meinen chello nl	: TBD
	Thawing panes did not clean out animated cursors

	a t meinen chello nl    : TBD
	Crash in EXPRESSION().

	Morten 			: Hot Chocolate.
	Auto-filter crash on error

	Adrian Custer		: TBD

	Mihael Vrbanec <miqster gmx net> : Long Island Ice Tea
	Crash when shrink a selection for autofill without inverting.

	Andreas			: TBD
	Paste into another app

* New Features

	* Text wrap, math mode, spans, and borders in LaTeX exporter 	(Andreas)
	* Implement -geometry cmd line option				(Andreas)

* Bug fixes & Polishing

	* Fix EXPRESSION crash.						(Morten)
	* Fix 65577.							(Morten)
	* Fix 66848 (the table of function names in the formula guru	(Morten)
	  is not alphabetised).
	* Sort currencies in cell format's drop-down.			(Morten)
	*		(Albert)
	  Do charset conversions on summary fields to/from XL.
	*		(Toralf)
	  More work on the oleo importer.
	* Modernise the doc build architecture.				(Greg)
	* Fix problem in search & search/replace tool #64989		(Andreas)
	* Permit input from other sheets in Random Number Generator 	(Andreas)
	  (discrete distribution), Rank and Percentile Tools and 
	  2-factor ANOVAs
	* Check for valid input in Random Number Generator tool		(Andreas)
	* Fix parsing error in analysis tools expecting sheet		(Andreas)
	  references when none is given
	* Fix sheet reference in database function criteria		(Andreas)
	* Fix rank calculation with respect to ties			(Andreas)
	* Set cell format for percentiles in rank and percentile tool	(Andreas)
	* Fix crash on copy between different invocations of Gnumeric	(Andreas)
	* Fix search in comments (# 65159)		(Andreas)
	* Format all numbers preentered in analysis tools dialogs	(Andreas)
	  according to locale (# 65404)
	* In histogram tool add percentage column and format all 	(Andreas)
	  percentages appropriately (# 62164)
	* Use Gnumeric column widths in LaTeX exporter			(Andreas)
	* Implement multi-row merges in LaTeX exporter			(Andreas)
	* Remove default grid in LaTeX exporter				(Andreas)
	* Fix merged cell to merged cell copy (#65760 & #58691)		(Andreas)
	* Removed latex209 exporter					(Andreas)
	* Improved analysis tools documentation				(Andreas)
	* Fix cell-span bug (#66658)					(Andreas)
	* Tricky corner cases for style applications (Part 2).		(Jody)
	* Rework sheet-name quoting (Good idea Andreas)			(Jody)
	* Support multiple expressions in the parser and clean up	(Jody)
	  expression lists.
	* Memory error when parsing names.				(Jody)
	* Fix xml storage of parse position for names.			(Jody)
	* sync print code with draw code for merges.			(Jody)
	* Fix ins/del col/row in outline mode.				(Jody)
	* Support number buttons in outline mode.			(Jody)
	* Implement XL export for array formulas.			(Jody)
	* Fix handling of failure in filter dialog.			(Jody)
	* Remove some dead code.					(Jody)
	* Minor etable warning tweak.					(Jody)
	* Improve cursor handling for frozen panes.			(Jody)
	* Fix sorting with hidden cols/rows before region.		(Jody)
	* FIXED now uses the format engine.				(Jody)
	* Simplify cell fmt dialog's idea of merges.			(Jody)
	* Don't compress file when suffix is .xml.			(Jody)
	* Actually put the schema file where we say it 	is.		(Jody)
	* More work on libxml2 compatibility.				(Jody)
	* Some simple shared steps towards gnome2.			(Jody)
	* Fix autofill crash when shrinking regions.			(Jody)
	* Make graph vector header recognition more like XL.		(Jody)
	* Fix missing bonobo menu icon for exit.			(Jody)

* Translations

	Valek Filippov (ru), Ole Laursen (da), Roy-Magne Mo (nn),
	Takeshi Aihana (ja), Christian Rose (sv), Kjartan Maraas (no),
	Abel Cheung (zh_TW), Duarte Loreto (pt), Ain Vagula (et),
	Karl Eichwalder (de), Fatih Demir (tr), Jarkko Ranta (fi),
	German Poo-Caaman~o (es), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk),
	Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira (pt_BR)

* Availability

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