Guikachu 1.0.0 "Team Pocket"

Guikachu 1.0.0: "Team Pocket" released

Guikachu is the premiere solution for creating PalmOS resource files
in UNIX operating systems, and it is also available as Free Software,
as defined by the GNU GPL. "Resources" are data statically linked into
PalmOS applications, and contain information about user-visible things
like strings, windows, and menu structures. Guikachu, based on the
GNOME 1.4 libraries, makes it possible to edit these files in an
easy-to-use way, under the popular GNOME desktop environment.

"WOW DUDE! Your recent hacking is beautiful", Miguel de Icaza,
co-founder of the GNOME project said, when first checking it out. An
excited user simply e-mailed: "Thanks for making such a valuable

Guikachu is available for immediate download at

As of version 1.0, Guikachu has full support for the following
resource types:
	* Strings
	* Dialogs
	* Menus
	* Forms
	* App List entry data
It also includes a WYSIWYG form editor and an easy-to-use menu editor
for designing PalmOS windows with a click of the mouse.
There is also a special resource type for storing arbitrary RCP code
fragments for resources not yet supported, such as bitmaps.

Guikachu uses the popular PilRC resource compiler (also available as
Free Software) as the back-end. Guikachu also includes a 100%
platform-independent, XML-based solution to creating the PilRC input.
This allows you to deploy the Guikachu resource files to any platform
where the actual compiling and linking of your application is done.

Learning Guikachu is easy with the included documentation and a
complete example application. The web-based feature guide at
<> will also be updated
shortly. To lower the barrier of entry even further, Guikachu is
translated to ten languages by volunteers from all over the globe.

Guikachu is created by Gergő Érdi. The Guikachu artwork was done by
Basilico Briceno. Source code includes code snippets by Martin
Schulze. Widget icons are taken from the excellent Glade UI editor, by
Damon Chaplin. Special thanks to Murray Cumming and Daniel Elstner
for their C++ hints every now and then, and to Marco Antonio Cabazal, 
Erich Douglass and Roger So for providing binary packages of Guikachu
for various Linux distributions.

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   \       \   they want'  -- RMS, at GUADEC 2001
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