Gnome-GCJ 0.15.0

I am pleased to FINALLY announce another release of Gnome-GCJ - 0.15.0:


Gnome-GCJ is a set of GTK+ and Gnome bindings for Java. It compiles with
the GCJ compiler (part of GCC) and uses the GCJ runtime library libgcj.
GCJ is capable of compiling Java source code to native machine code, which
makes Java code almost as fast as C++ code. As the interface between Java
and GTK+, CNI (Cygnus Native Interface) and C++ will be used instead of the
more traditional JNI and C. This means that support for other Java runtimes
has been sacrificed in favour of GCJ and its faster CNI.

Gnome-GCJ is hosted on SourceForge. The homepage with downloads, bug
tracking system, mailing lists etc can be found here:

Download the source code from

About this release

This release is mainly a maintenance release to make it possible to compile
Gnome-GCJ with gcc 3.0. Many autoconf-, automake- and libtool-related
issues were corrected along the way.

The future of Gnome-GCJ

If you are interested in helping with Gnome-GCJ, I'd like to hear from you.
I have grand plans for the future of Gnome-GCJ. :) A complete rewrite will
be necessary to provide the following features:

  * Generation of bindings in JNI as well as CNI.
  * Complete support for GLib 1.3/2.0.
  * A new language for writing the bindings in.
  * Parsing of GTK/GLib C header files to automaticly generate
    Java method signatures.

Some of the code is already finished, but much remains. If you are
interested, please email me.

Oskar Liljeblad (osk hem passagen se)

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