gnome-print 0.24 released

The Gnome Print Team is glad to announce the release of gnome-print
0.24, codename "Mambo Jambo, Part II"


What's new

- PDf driver, beta release (chema)

        You can now generate PDF's from gnome-print powered apps

- Move to the Optimized Postscript Driver (chema,lauris)
        This driver replaces the old Postscript driver. It checks that the
postscript output makes sense, it has full unicode support & outputs
code by the use of a dictionary.

- Libunicode dependency dropped (Lauris)

        Gnome-Print no longer depends on libunicode. No more libunicode related

- The usual set of bugfixed

Sincerely yours,

Lauris Kaplinski
Chema Celorio

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