Evolution 0.5.1 "Salamander" is out

Hello lovers of quick bug-fix releases,

Evolution 0.5.1, code name "Salamended", is out.

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.

* Availability

        You can get the Evolution 0.5.1 tarball here:


        Evolution also requires GtkHTML (0.6.1), Bonobo (0.18), OAF
        (0.5.1), GNOME VFS (0.3), libunicode (0.4), GNOME Print (0.20)
        and ORBit (0.5.3).


        Helix GNOME users can also install the packages by the usual
        means, by using Helix Update (or apt-get on Debian).

* Changes since version 0.5

	  - Fixed a font-handling problem that would cause
	    Evolution to crash at startup with certain Gtk
	    themes. (Chris)
	  - Fixed some build problems. (Chris)
	  - We no longer ship an out-of-date Red Hat-only RPM
	    spec file. (Dan)
	  - The shell now installs the `Sent' folder at startup
	    if it doesn't exist yet.  (Ettore)
	  - If a component crashes unexpectedly, the shell
	    displays a dialog box informing the user of that.
	  - Fixed a bug in the folder selector dialog that would
	    result in crashes while trying to move messages in the
	    mailer. (Dan)
	  - Fixed a bug that would cause the addressbook to crash
	    when embedded in the composer. (Dan)
	  - Fixed a display problem caused by expunging an IMAP
	    folder. (Dan)
	  - Fixed POP mail so that "keep on server" is obeyed
	    correctly. (Dan, Jeff)
	  - Fixed replies so that replying to a message twice
	    doesn't turn off the "replied" flag. (Dan)
	  - Fixed a bug that prevented "Send later" from
	    working. (Dan)

* Mailing lists

        You can subscribe to the Evolution developers list or the
        Evolution users list by going to the Evolution home page
        on http://www.helixcode.com/apps/evolution.php3

Please note that this is still software in development and should
not be used for production work.  We appreciate testers and
contributors, but please remember that Evolution will still be
buggy, incomplete, and temperamental.

Thanks to the many people who have sent in suggestions and fixes.

  The Evolution team.

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