gmail 0.5.6 released

hi everyone,

Gmail is an experimental email client that uses a Mysql database to store the emails.
It has a powerful vfolder system based on SQL queries. 
It is a small project but has running for a while now.

This version adds gnome-print support and has working outgoing MIME support. Incoming MIME existant but not yet stable. Make sure you have gnome-print 0.20 installed, I haven't tried it with the newer versions yet.

For the basic POP3 downloading, mail reading and replying it is quite stable and usable.

Please feel free to give gmail a try.. It is very useful for ultra-large volumes of email. We have a special caching/indexing scheme which has been used on stores of over 30,000 messages and still responsive (even though the UI is blocking, it 'crisp' to use).

It is of course GPL'ed, and uses many gnome features. 
More info can be found at the web page:

Wayne Schuller

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