Gnome Basic 0.0.14 released

	The Gnome Basic team is proud to introduce gb-0.0.14 also
known as "Cleaner Basic" the latest in a long line of Basic
entrepreners of improving quality.

* What is New ?

	* Massive internal object / type system re-write (Michael)

	* Major API clean (Michael)

	* Potential security issue fixed (Michael)

* Notes

	This version of Gnome Basic will work with the upcoming
Gnumeric-0.58 to provide Excel VBA macro support ( thanks to Frank's
work in libole2 ).

	Gnome Basic currently supports most of the standard operators,
many of the functions, the bulk of the file IO statements, and some of
the form functionality provided by VB. Whilst it parses VB classes
currently these do not generate internal class structures. More
importantly Gnome Basic runs a nice little number game.

	Bug reports are only appreciated for parser errors, ie. if
you are interested in development please send either patches, or
fragments of test code. We are well aware that there are many things
remaining unimplemented.

	Since I am building up quite a fine collection of amusingly
uninformed hate mail on this subject, it would be good if people could
CC the gb mailing list so we can all share the fun :-)

* Availability

* More information

	See the website at

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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