Gnome Libs 1.2.8

Hey guys,

   Gnome Libs 1.2.8 is out.  I have not written announcements since
1.2.5-test2, so here is a summary of the changes:

* Zvt:

     Michael Zucchi fixed the scrolling redraw bug that people have
     been reporting.

     Fixed selection bug introduced in 1.2.5 (Jacob).

* General
     Small portability fixes from Michael Zucchi

     GnomeScores should work with fontsets correctly

     Support for Type=URL in .desktop files (Rodney Dawes, Plus Jacob

     Changed default to not start esound now.

     Support a "Debug" button if there is a debugger specified in the
     environment (Chema)

     Support for module specific datadir (Jody).

     Toolbars support new arguments (for new Bonobo UI handler).

* Availability:


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