gnome-guile 0.10 Released

Hello happy scheme GNOMERS,

For the first time the unfinished and unstable gnome-guile
package is released. Gnome-guile is a set of guile scheme
bindings to different gnome libraries. Currently the package

guile-gtk => Gtk+ Bindings
guile-gnome => Gnome-libs and gnorba bindings
guile-bonobo => Bonobo bindings
guile-libglade => Libglade bindings
guile-gtkhtml => Gtkhtml bindings
guile-zvt=> Zvt bindings

The following people contributed to this first release
of gnome-guile:

Ariel Rios              <>
Marius Vollmer          <>
Martin Baulig           <>
Miroslav Silovic        <>
Federico Mena Quintero  <>
JP Rosevear             <>
Nuno Ferreira           <>
Marc Ewing              <>
Tom Tromey              <>
Raja R Harinath         <>
Lauri Alanko            <>
Carsten Schaar          <>


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