ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v0.2 released

gnome-find v0.2 has been released.

gnome-find is an easy-to-use, but powerful, graphical version of the
GNU "find" utility.

It is not just a front-end which forks and execs "find", nor is it a
utility that reinvents the wheel by rewriting the "find" utility
itself.  Instead, the original source code to the GNU "find" utility
(findutils-4.1) was used, and a GUI component integrated into it.

The major highlights of this release include:
- Enabling the GNOME progress bar, so that progress indication is
  shown to the user while a long-running search is running.
- Support for all of the "Options" and "Actions" for advanced searches.
- Multi-file and multi-directory searches.

A much more complete list of items to be completed can be found in the
TODO file, included in the source distribution.

You can download this release at:

gnome-find's homepage can be found at:

If you would like to help with development, please take a look at the
aforementioned TODO file, and send me email if you are interested.

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