ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v1.0.1 released

gnome-find v1.0.1 has been released.

gnome-find is an easy-to-use, but powerful, graphical version of the
GNU "find" utility.
It is not just a front-end which forks and execs "find", nor is it a
utility that reinvents the wheel by rewriting the "find" utility
itself.  Instead, the original source code to the GNU "find" utility
(findutils-4.1) was used, and a GUI component integrated into it.

v1.0.1 fixes an embarrassing build problem in v1.0 such that the
binary in the RPM file did not work.  Building and installing from
source was unaffected though.

v1.0 was never announced.  It only contained a few fixes since v0.6:

- The number of files found was reported as zero, regardless if there
  really were files found or not.
- Portability fixes.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- The RPM file did not contain the locale files (translations).

You can download this release using the following links:

	Source code - gzip'd tar:

	Source code - RedHat 6.x RPM

	Precompiled x86 Binary - RedHat 6.x RPM

gnome-find's homepage can be found at:


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