CORBA::ORBit 0.4.2

What is CORBA::ORBit

    CORBA::ORBIt is a Perl binding for ORBit

    The nifty thing about CORBA::ORBit is that you don't need to to
    create the stubs/skeletons as a separate step. You can either
    point it directly at an IDL file that it will parse directly, or
    it can it can get the information from an interface repository.
    (Not the ORBit IR, yet.)

    It is also very compact in terms of the amount of code necessary
    to implement clients and servers. CORBA::ORBit will work out of
    the box with the Gtk:: Perl module, and an example of this is

Changes in 0.4.2

    - Worked around problems compiling GNOME IDL files by removing
      __ORBIT_IDL__ #define. 

    - Fixed problem where most typecodes were not getting registered. 


    CORBA::ORBit is available from: 

    For information about ORBit, see:

    ORBit can be downloaded from:

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