OAF 0.4.0 released

New in this release

  * Activation changes

        Made activation by IID and by AID use appropriate defaults for
        username, hostname and session. (Maciej).

  * Test code

        Test client improved to test more thoroughly. (Michael)

  * Misc changes

        Added some public calls for copying and duplicating various OAF
        structures properly. (Darin)

        Rename environment variable for oafinfo path to OAF_INFO_PATH

  * Bug fixes

        Made shared library activation work. (Gene)

        OAF now re-scans the oaf data directories when oafinfo files
        change on disk, thus reducing the need to constantly kill
        oafd. (Maciej)	

        Warning fixes, enable -Werror. (Maciej, Michael)

        Do -Werror test last so extra warnings don't screw up autoconf
        tests. (Dan)

        Added declarations of missing exceptions to IDL. (Michael)

        Add IncompleteContext exception and throw it if needed context values
        are missing. (Gergo)

        Install fixes. (Robin)

  * Docs

        Various updates. (Maciej, Michael, Darin)

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