Gerd - Gtk+ Event Recorder

hello everyone.

due to public demand, i'm herewith releasing untested, evil, unmature,
hackish and malicious code. just like everyone else ;)

ok, seriously, i recently hacked up an event recorder for gtk+,
it works reasonably well already, but shouldn't be considered
more than a proof of concept implementation at this point.

to quote it's README:

	Gerd is a small gtk module that enables the user to record series
	of events at any gtk program's startup and replay them at later
	I can't honestly tout the code as being very mature yet, it's
	effectively a two day hack, but it does it's job interestingly
	good already ;)

you may give it a try, or even hack on the code. if it actually prooves
to be broadly usable, it may be filling up's harddisk at
some point as well.

for the moment,

granted Gerd asylum.


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